About Us

      Fadip-Merna Tehnika was founded in 1991 in Bečej as one of the seven subsidiaries under Fadip-Holding. Production of pressure gauges
began in 1987 for personal use only, since Fadip was producing 80,000 foot pumps which had a pressure gauge D40 as their integral
part. Realizing the need for this product in the market, the production of over 15 types of pressure gauges and thermometers started,
all of which resulted in the establishment of a separate commercial company specialized in the manufacture of measurement and regulation equipment.

      After Fadip-Holding ran into business problems which resulted in the shutting down of most of the subsidiaries in 2011, “KONJEVIĆ” LTD
Company bought “Fadip – Merna Tehnika”. After that, there has been a stabilization of the business, introduction of new technologies and
development of the company in all segments. All this has led to increased productivity and continuous revenue growth. In November
2014, there has been the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 introduced, and in April 2016, Calibration laboratory was accredited by Accreditation Body of Serbia.


      Our mission is to ensure that quality and precision of our products and services always fully satisfy needs and expectations of our customers. Continuous improvements in all business segments are turning our company into a supplier that sets high standards when it comes to quality, efficiency and care for the end user. The greatest values of our company are satisfied customers and professional, responsible and motivated employees who are the backbone of our mission.


      The vision of the organization is to position ourselves as a leader in the production and sales of analogue pressure and temperature gauges in both domestic and regional markets. At the same time, we want our products to be present in the market of Southeast Europe due to their quality and recognizability.