In addition to the production of pressure gauges and thermometers, we offer the services of defect inspection and repair of pressure and temperature gauges. To do the repair of a pressure and temperature gauge, it is necessary to do the defect inspection of a gauge first. This will inform the customer whether the repair is possible, and if possible, whether it is more profitable to repair the gauge or to buy a new one.
After the defect inspection and approval of the customer, the next step is to fix the gauge which includes the following items:

– Degreasing and cleaning of interior and exterior parts of the gauge.

– Replacement of worn or broken parts.

– Ensuring the accuracy of the gauge.

– Perform machining service on CNC lathe and milling machine.

Parts Manufacturing Service

In addition to the service related to the maintenance of pressure and temperature gauges, we also offer the service of manufacturing parts from stainless steel, black steel, brass, and plastic, according to the customer’s drawings. For providing these services, we have at our disposal: CNC lathes and milling machines, six-spindle and single-spindle automatics machines, universal lathes, press brakes, eccentric and crank presses up to 100 tons, as well as CO2 and TIG welding equipment.